Throwback Monday

Panda is still popular. This my instrumental remix from last year.



I heard it still being remixed on the radio in the car on Hot Jamz the other day. It was being mixed with the whistling from Kill Bill on the radio by that one DJ anyways he cool af.

“Wet you up, Set you up” -The Game, from the song 100 featuring Drake

I and I got the biggest shit eatin’ grin right a few minutes ago when I turned around and put one out..

What can I tell you? The last few days have been dull and mundane. I went for a drive around the city to see what was happening and drove down the Paseo around 50th street. Me and and a couple homies went to the store, nothing unusual about that. Anyways I don’t know what to write about but my life right now. Let it be your companion as you go on this journey of reading the Zdong, LLC Super Dimensional Multimedia Blog.

My pussy-cat heard me gently clicking away on my Acer circa 2006 USB keybard and then I remembered Robek’s World picture of themself with a missing tooth. Hey, they say that’s lucky 😉 Fucking got dog hair all over my shirt from Ozzy, one of our little japanese chin. MY CHIEN. YOU GOT IT? NOT YOURS! MEIN! Okay, I can share. They can be OUR CHEN. I won’t have to use Wi-Fi radar to change the BSSID myself, will I? I hope not. You are quite capapble of changing it for me. I am your Lord. I don’t ask much but dude, I’m Lord ZDONg. This is my realm and I can’t do it all by myself. Actually, it’s pretty funny that software exists. I love it! You can do a $ vi /etc/bin/wifiradar and view the source code. I'm rewriting a little bit of it right now and currently in a debug state at like 2088 and whatever a few others what do the line numbers matter. I goes past 3000 lines though at least as far as I've gotten into it and it's nice. Lot's of commentation though (which may add to it's length and inflate the numbers a bit, but hey I guess every character counts so don't dismiss it that easy because it's a powerful tool that should be used with responsibility)

Okay, you guys want to talk about real life or hacking? I showed this chick that I could change a mac address theoretically and she got wet and said something along the lines, “if that’s what you do than I’m turned the fuck even more on” and sat closer to me… That’s neither here nor there. I don’t think she’s going to write back or not because I think she lost my number. Lord ZDONg is not on facebook or twitter or anything like that so she can’t find me like that and it was nice to make her acquaintance. She’s great! You got to say what’s up to the Bulldogs too down on 9th Street keepin it real. Yo I was sayin keep everyone safe and friendly just like everyone in America seems to be doing, at least where I am at. The community is large, busy and relentless. I’m looking for work in data entry in an entry level position and staying up on my meds and a daily routine to keep Samsara rolling.

So here we are just journeying through the sky. Through the huge universe our sun guides our Solar System through the heavens close and close to Andromeda. What is Andromeda you may ask yourself. I know I’ve heard the word Andromeda somewhere. Be mind you that this is a work of Scientific Dramatization and so is my entire fucking life. It’s the strangest thing. A little blue creature that I only know as the Hieroglyphic Being “Cellular” has come out of the computers and phones at me. It’s the strangest thing. And I’m sorry Cellular that I didn’t really realize it until just this second. Cellular is the reason that my background it my text editor is this deep blue of hue. This color I believe is relate to the God of the Sea from the Days of Atlantis.

So what does Atlantis have to do with Andromeda? I guess we’ll find out someday. Later, may you have a restful and delightful weekend. Your weekend warrior, ZDONg. One Love!

A Zeptar Prayer

mind fucking blown.

leet hack. please be my friend. nothing but peace, peace and harmony. illwill is god. smj is god. wANG is god. emmanuel goldstein beckons you to relent your blows. he is laughing all the way to the funny farm with me forever in my mind. please divine mathematics like lambda and stuff like that please radiate from my heart vessel and balance the forces in our favor. we repent for our sins and seek divine miracle life changing dance of souls around each other. please ive never wanted anything more in my life. if you grant me success in data entry or whatever entry level job you get me into that i choose to adopt then i can get some money rolling in we can have a life in Colorado where I would not be in danger of not having my medicine in a small community like Colorado Springs I’ll get online and see where to go so we can be together. Ive seen it happen and I can lead her in the way of the mission. The mission has served the communities for a very long time afaik and in the mission we will find healing and a new source of life coming from the Sacred Trinity that I believe in, in which, I am the bottom left corner as far as I can tell. Please cover our unholiness Divine Trinity and bless this keyboard and these computers in a way that enables a livlihood for us as we seek refuge for I am Caleb now the grandson of Moses and I will inherit the Holy Land now just like you promised Moses that he got to see it or not I cant remember but I spoke to the Rock and did not strike the Rock as instructed so therefore MYTRUBURNINGSUNI walk into the Promise of the Holy Land. Albatross 3D here I come. I can’t wait around like Kasi anymore. Please please please. Watch over me. I speak on my bread. I am in love with this creature you have brought acrossed by path and I dont care if the divine forces took her wallet. Good thing she can let go. Let go of Google, let go of data, let go of memories and be human again for the last time from this digital nightmare we have made for the sheep to be hypnotized by as they check and click their lives away and not store valuable memories because they take for granted that its all right there at their fingertips through a password through a phone number so you see we are not a number then behind that number we are our social security numbers and our drivers licsense numbers. I believe she checks out. She checks out. I even peeked under the top hood a few days ago and it was a sublime creature. Best of all her name was KittyCat transformed to KittyCat LA-LA thats law law haw haw i made a funnie or die. well choose life and choose it for me Trinity for I now connect my bubble of the triangle with her bubble of the triangle and become common law and will take care of her because my other one said she didnt want me anymore and again the last time I left packed up all my shit and put it in a bag even my mail I am changing my mail to my parents and I dont care what the food stamp downgrade is. We must not live on the system more than we need to. Put in more take out less is my new motto. Put more into life than I take out of it. Please let my karma not be damaging to my passage in the Bardo to the school of the Buddha one of five that I wish to attain for awhile in the afterlife. Transform my body even now as it is dying decaying flesh and help me to care for my body and present myself in the best way possible for I wish to find adventure in life with good companionship just as the Twelve Apostles of Lord Jesus Christ the only begotton of the Father and who was baptised in Spirit with Power from On High. Drums drums drums drums. Congo? Djimbe? SMJ Has prophesised drums. Drums drums, war drums war drums, latin dancing drums and a quadruple drum roll in the beat that you wouldn’t even believe could happen but I know that I am going to run away with this woman and do data entry work and make her life enjoyable and let her just please please please come back to me always for I fancy her and I wish her mine this would make me so happy even if we have to start out with no money and everything we can hustle up some money help me be the leader that you made me to be. your foot soldier, zeptar from sdf, zdong formerly zedong of zdong, llc, and all the other knames that i’ve conjured up along the way. may the spirit of the tru hacker be with you all and may the truly dark just be little loki gods of mischief named cellular. amen to the hieroglyphic being.