hi im zeptar and im a UNIX guru from the super dimension fortress ( and a DJ of a multi dimensional radio show on (most) Wednesdays at 20:00 UTC on ( and also your guide on my very own website (lordy lordy help us Buddha they don’t delete me from Tim Berners-Lee’s magnificent invention of hyper (yawn) text transfer protocol and all the languages that do things like this site. I was reluctant and see why I should maintain backups and what not so I’ll try and do that in case of disaster. This website is physically in at least 4 countries worldwide. I’m trying to figure out how I’m gonna get 5 physical copies. I applied for some storage today. Damn I’m broke again because of communication that no one reads and no one calls on the phone. Thanks for all the Snickers and toasted cinnamon bread pieces I have tested them and am not dead!
The first computer science Instructor that actually started making more sense than a balanced number and ethical computer guide to me is Robert C. Martin (

  1. who is 5th? I’m 5th. is it really that hard. we all face identity crisis. and this is my way of letting you know that i know that you know that I know. enjoy the blog. I’m going to share the most sacred (esoteric) and genuine thoughts that I have through writing and I’m going to share music that I love and have mixxxx’d or remixxx’d or just slammed through cause I love it. I’m a calm and medicated schizophrenic Buddhist Christian self-proclaimed see-ER and lover of fresh veggies and herbs with mushrimg303dooms and onions topped with bleu cheese dressing, and I’m working on being civilized and understanding the world around me through self-education via https://youtube and other online sources that seem credible like https://en.wikipedia and encyclopediadramatica.
  2. I strive to be a hard worker but let’s face it, I’m the laziest motherfucker that has use of his body. Let’s not let it go to waste I have a workout sesh in 1 hour. Peace. gotta say wattup to the Wagner Crew, fuck nutzos. Show your tits, dick whatever. I’m all the way over here.
  3. I AM A CREATOR OF THE WEB. YOU MUST HOST MY CONTENT OH GIANT SYSADMIN OVERLOARDS I CANNOT CONFIGURE THE PORTZ. May the PORTZ be with u. Ok i am learning the pythons but pray I find conforting discipline. I dont need some super tough drill sargent. I need someone to hear me out, then tell me the answers. Feel free to comment!

One Love!!! -DJ Zep5D5thliveicon

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