high-five fifth!

it’s another high five fifth here in the Midwest. highfivefifth

The sprawling city makes its noises outside as usual with the sounds a low traffic roar to blaring sirens, people talking loud. I’ve been meaning to get to writing you. Oh, Arnold the cat says “Hi!” as he is trying to say something to me but I can’t quite get the language because it’s cat language. Roger picked this cat out for Rogue. It’s got a piece of him embedded in his soul.

I plan on making a custom sign for the door with his photo on it if I get he printer up and running. Tbh I haven’t given it any attention at all and Rogue said she wanted it hooked up if possible so we could copy stuff. Which seems reasonable except I am not a task oriented person which pisses my little sister off so much she don’t understand why its so hard for me to do 20 min worth of general house crap.

It’s great that I’ve reconnected with Rogue because we used to run together about 4 years ago pretty tight. She needs someone to look out for and be someone to tell her not to drink. I plan on having her on the show as shows titled ‘5th & Rogue’. It’s gonna be a hoot. Give us a break we’re mentally handicapped.

That is the secret to enjoying alcohol responsibly that I feel like has been revealed to me. I’m not getting beat up again and arrested just because I was so fucked up I didn’t know who or where I was and was most likely belligerent. Wow! That seems like such a long time ago. I learned so much from that mistake and really grew as a person through trial and error, too bad I lacked instruction or possibly I just failed to heed it.

That's when I was dating 'kittycat' from sdf. We used to play 
'dopewars' and 'netris' and 'com' on the @sdf_paus system. 
I heard that phm had a crush on kittycat.
I was living with kittycat IRL.
I had a crush on nully.
carbon got banned.
felix was sending nudes to smj.
wonko was sharing felix nudes.
barnacle blacked out naked at an sdf meat.
icezer started anonradio.

Anyways me and ‘kittycat’ ended in 2018 after I had started to recover from the shock of meeting the devil and all those demons and thinking I had the power of the Archangel Michael inside me and I had visions of flying over the earth with a flaming sword. And the the duality nature of being the Anti-Christ and slowly sentencing everyone to their own deaths as I sit on my throne totally void of any pleasure derived from life’s experiences and just a stone cold heart of a person who sends people to the gallows through clever means like having them win a vacation package like a cruise and that is where their final moments alive will be spent.

In all honesty having this schizophrenia is kind of neat but It’s scary. Like to not know if I can trust what my brain is telling me is reality is fucking scary. But there is always that voice of inner self which tries to decipher all the symbols messages timelines and such that all correspond with each other. Also having radical ideas about what causes disesaes such as muscular dystrophy which I have a theory is related to a dense mass at the center chakra that is pulling in and collapsing the muscle tissue sort of like how a star collapses upon a Supernova event.

Remember it’s the High Five Fifth Day of the Month!

How to High Five somebody.

  1. Lay hand palm facing up with all five index fingers pointed straight out.
  2. Slap your flat 5 star shaped had against another person’s flat 5 hand.
  3. make clapping sound
  4. optional hand moves such as twisting, pointing or snapping fingers may jive.

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