Nix Craft Magic

I just wanted to tell you there is an different way to experience the power of computing.

It’s called the NIX world. The NIX world is BSD, GNU/LINUX (GNU stands for GNU’s Not Unix), and Mac OSX and some others that I don’t know. I’ve been working with UNIX since 2006, when I got Mac OSX and started using and learning the UNIX environment, namely NetBSD .

You would be good to start with SDF and a live GNU/Linux Bootable Flash Drive like GNU/Debian Live or GNU/Ubuntu Live. Well the main reason I like the NIX world is because of diversity and choice. Usually in Microsoft Windows, you have choice too when it comes to third party software but you get locked into an ecosystem where the computer code itself is hard to work with for the people who maintain the computer systems, such as your computer repair man. Anyways, this drives up computing costs considerably and we can be more economical by embedding Open Source Systems in our Hardware instead of paying sublicenences and then not even getting to know how it works.

Now it’s not that I am against capitalism. I want to make money off the computer just like anyone else. But we don’t make money by saying “I own the patent on right clicking” or “I own the patent on this shade of blue.” More with Operating Systems you run into the patent issue on UI designs, but a button is a button a shape is a shape. No one owns the mathematical equation that draws a square starting at 0,0 in quadrant II of the Cartesian Plane Plotting System do they? Do the Descartes family draw income off of his coordinate system? I do not think so but email me if I’m wrong.

What I’m saying is just about the Graphical User Interface you see. How do you know what you see it says like “System Clean” or “Memory Cleared” or “No Threats Found” are actually true reported by the OS. You have to have a way to verify these claims and NIX systems allow for the user to notice suspicious activity, if they are familiar with a standard install of something for awhile and start using the command line to get things done with the computer.

Its all overwhelming to me because of how many areas of computing there are to specialize in. It’s not that computers are “hard” or any bogus answer like that. I’m just a simple user. I like the command line and I know MS Windows has a command line, but do yourself a favor and try a NIX. Dedicate a machine to it and attempt a project on a NIX system. Whatever it is, just go for it. Well, it’s about time for me to get ready for my shift so listen LONGER to – DJ Zep Zedong

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