okay i got to go for now Cellular but I’ll be on the lookout for F350 Black Out With Crash Bumbers and Baja Lights haha lulz lulz upon lulz never ceasing lulz.

America fuckin rules. We are the most friendly country in the world. Don’t believe all that Jihad you know what I am talking about. From what I learned on HBO which is a cable subscribed channel available in every American household except a few places without electricy because

Business Contact: If not anything perhaps you might know someone should the problem of me wanting to work on myself and Uber drive like I have been doing what I call practice Drives around the city for leisure and just enjoying the open road sometimes like along those lines. But they’re mean streets paved in black at night in the rain tha matches the sky and you can’t tell anything but just lookin for that yellow line to guide you as you keep it real and keep the car parameters in tune with the rules of the road and let each car in its own way adjust to a certain type of rules like the internet is. so therefore the internet is an internet of car communication and its looked after by a very special team of Americans and Germans and has built a mutial pact in France somehow and the artwork was grim. But we prevailed and sailed on to tomorrow where dreams never die. -007 Zeptar

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