Jugga-ling an Uber Career & College


If you have a question about something. A place to go for answers from the 90’s the way we did things back then were forums. They were called forums and they looked just like twitter Gnu social (StatusNet) only each and every person was entitled to their own twitter platform if they so chose (if you could round up enough of us for a topic or something neat like science and technology which people like me in the 90’s were just soaking up and eating everying that Leo Laporte and Diggnation were streaming every week. We looked forward do Diggnation and to see them drink a drink for everytime the blonde funny california co-host sorry I forgot your name. I’ll cite it later when this blog has a footnote said “My girlfriend just blah blah.. She must have been hawt hawt hawt for him because he was always talking about my gf did this or my gf did that. Women can do that. Just like Zuckerphelem wrote on his website. Im not gonna bash the dude cause I thot he was a Philanthropist looking like Bill Gates because he inveted a way that for some oddball reason over took the coolest website ever, My Space, which is overrun now with no pointed goal or sense of identity because its userbase left and got their real name profile on facebook. Now Mark. Personally I have to say to you, what a clever clever idea. College is the time in your life where you are supposed to bong and bong or whatever ping pong balls with beer-cups and every one is sleeping around and people just being people but with a purpose and some flying banner of greek letters and every. I’m a winner. The reason I write on my computer before I enter it into the Internet is just habit. I like the idea of the raw disk saves. Did you look at my dating profile on OK Cupid yet single ladies. Come on I’m going there. We can still talk on shitposter.club but I know that that’s unattractive to a lady to use uncouth words. I’m not obtuse or uncouth. I thought that angle on my old new belt buckle that I buried or hid or whatever the case may be, fell from pride, that being said it was at an Obtuse angle and probably higher than 90 degrees no wait it was at 90 degrees and not obtuse. You see how you just have to CZ see Z to get it. Right now I dont know if this is the beginning of something or the ending of something but I’m not into being with my ex again and the notion of it seems more real it was hard for me to accept and swallow took a couple months for pure reality to settle in, all with the death of my good friend who I love, sorry I couldnt see you before you went to Jesus brother. Amen. alright so what religion am I tob want’s to know. It’s an important part of the Dubious Goals Committee Application process. I mean its a Comittee for crying out loud and it decides things so don’t worry make sure you let me Zeptar of ZDONg, LLC know your votes I read each letter I can and I tried to start an IRC channel but fuc’ that. I’m gonna be on some new networks so check them all and go steal the ZDONg logins all you “Angry Kids” it wasn’t anger that brings me to that song its just the pure raw emotion of This Love by Pantera that moved me along with what I think in my mind of the album art of the dude getting hit in the face, man always felt sorry for that dude that got punched in the face for the Pantera cover, was pretty much at the cusp, THE CUSP a turning point it Media where things, Lets be honest, pretty much for me moved to the Macintosh for a year an a half. Although I always did my homework on a PC Copy of Aldus Pagemaker or whatever back then Student Versions were so numerious because they didn’t have the instant click downlaod 2.8 Gigabytes in 28 seconds or anything (Theortical Internet Speeds I Never Achieve) So who likes that dude from our phone show’s voice. Gosh it’s so unique and articulate man he loves phones. He remembers the names of lines and sounds of equipment and briefly enamours on the signals the machines are sending to each other to accomplish a programmed directive basicially and it was well loved that this gift of Tone discovered by Captian Crunch when he blew the toy whistle for the Captian Crunch Cereal (whats up catk111er we know you are not a cereal killer because you didn’t kill any of the cats we set loose in America dumb ass) oh i just went to that level. Yeah I am a wad. White and Dumb. But check it before you try to spring on me for anything, I know what you are thinking, I’ve been there before. Don’t tell me cause it hurts, just slowly do your thing and send me a message all the way from KAPIMPSKI or DOWN THE TRUNK TO A 816 ROTARY DIAL. Trying to stomp some ground but i’m like that rapper 13 who has a great song called Remember Me that you gotta check out on my latest show. (as of this writing I beleive it is archive 2017 03 29 zeptar .mp3 if you follow my voice and personality whatever you call a blog they were always self poised as I thought but I never thought that I had words for a blog. I am not speaking am I so it is good that I plugged back into the computer after that Lightning Storm that fried my electronics because what’s the point of having nice things if a lightning strike can just rip the top of the veil off like that. no one can rip a viel like the Zeptar. thats fact. i wrote it online and anything I say online is true. But i dont know what I’m saying because i’m 5th and you have to get your own copy of 5th every day because I am going to trudge through the rough times and carry the blogger torch I am saying to you food bloggers on food network game show that I will find you and maybe you can 😉 😉 link link? Ohm that would be nice. Brad says the bars are always open and if Ohm goes unchanted then the Music Will Go On All Night FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Acutally if you are curious on what feeling I am having when I get motivated and just type my heart away I feel free, I feel alive and I feel like that right of free speech has some serious shit behind it if you know what I mean. I mean we are talking nothing else but life size real time scenarios where I am tested upon tested and still I Rise not to be haughty but it is Easter Time in America that means BUNNIES!!! MANY MANY BUNNIES TO YOU!!! There are old and sacred beliefs about the holiday too. Do you know there is an anciant tibetan story that the sun didnt shine for 3 days and humanity has this big 3 day block of time forgotten or sadness for 3 days. fucking wierd. all of the worlds religions that are old and tested who have proven people good and not false results are intertwined and that is what I didnt get when was 18-34 years old. Like this block of understanding was hidden from me. And I’m grateful that that tech took the phone and listened to me that night at 420 am on the phone when I was fresh from the hospital for the technically second but technically the third who knows how its counted by the coders but anyways what Im saying is this story of the Sun Being Hidden Away for Three Days. That’s why I love the band sublime. For the first thing right before you experience their music you have this image in your mind about the band. Before hearing. Before sharing was instant. Before gifs showed feelings. Big up to Giphy. Contact me, let’s do a channel. I can feed you better than google if you’re looking to sponsor a blogger. \o/ hey now! anyways I love making websites and this is the easiest way to do it just code special wordpress codes as I go along for the formatting it’s true. You know I’ll tell you a little secret to all you audio bloggers who have unlocked SoundCloud’s secrets who are bloggers. I discovered what may be bug in WordPress that can be fatal maybe Cellular just said yup youp Zeptar of ZDONg, LLC in his DEVOPS mode found a damn bug. if you put a https://soundcloud.com/ blah blah blah 2017/03/03 link numbers that we are not smart enough to memorize at this point in the evolution of man if you want to better humanity in the longrun no offese to the Creators out there but there’s a Trinity we know its Threen in One why can’t I say evolution, it’s a valid theory, especially for Hedonists like me sayith Lord ZDONg. Yo what is up. No I am not sluuuuuiizzzzuurring on the sizzurrryp. my blog has been decimated and restored. I did not hack http://anonradio.net website and leave only zeptar info on there. I was setup like i said it was a lie. I wouldnt fucking pour my heart and soul out on this domain if I didn’t want to talk to people and have some kind of relationship with a reader and hopefully get some feedback. not on the comments though unlesss you are really filled with intentious intentions like zeptar was when he wrote advice to this chick who could be anywhere and anyone in the world for as far as I know not saying anything about the vote to Brexit or anything whats this world come to. I hate political action but in the same way we have it in our DNA. That’s why I have to work. It’s because I have needs and desires that need to be met and so do others and we can trade our labor around to get shit done. Man I respect everyone in the Occupational Outlook Handbook and few other Dirty Jobs like Mike Rowe did that are not in that Handbook for young ones. What I am doing is lashing back at the system that took me into their fucking office and bashed my goddamn sould to the ground that it was bad to be different and out of sync with the rhythm of what was going on. i am chaos. but i am ordered and medicated. I am so proud of myself for getting off of a narcotic that was so necceary after my mental health relapse of 2012. I HAVE ONLY JUST BEGUN TO TAKE YOUR FARE ON MY UBER. Would you like a bottle of water and a snack I got a few left I keep them for my riders. Just send me an email about what snacks you like and brand of whater to get. I know if its fiji water that has been sitting by some Chakra Healing Frequency Videos on Youtube HOLD ON I GOT TO TURN MY STEREO DOWN wow I cant leave you for a second Sorry about the lack of punctionan and the up down left right left right b a b a select start but it’s two player and i dont know if people even care about punction or anything in this short attention span that we live in now. i can’t get anyone to follow my blog. wait that is false. i have made a wave with this buisness that has prime real estate. i faked that I was looking at it for my computer/internet based company ZDONg, LCC (currently reveiwing potential OPS positions from Zedhead_’s OKCUPID DATING PROFILE OMG OMG DATE HIM TALK TO HIM HE”S FITH DOT LIVE that’s F I F T H or 5th for you that are numerated into the sacred school of mathematics and all its functions and tests and predictions and keeper of order and time the numbers. Prime numbers radiate and form a patter unspiraling counter clockwise from the center of the source which may be the heart in humans and then the thought according to this mexican voice thats a girl says that it goes from your heart to your brain and you basically long form short make a wish and desire for it to happen to you sometime between 8:12 am and 1:45 pm or vice versa whatever time schedule you’re on. Till time changes and you fall behind again when you are supposed to SPRING FWD: RE: OK CUPID PROFILE PIC so where did you get shirts with 5 on them? people send me shirts with 5 on them. it became a thing last week sometime i got my first red slash on top of blue slash V Authentic Polo Jersey that has a hold burnt in it from a cigg butt i was trying to smoke. Gross who invented smoking. They had doctors fooled when it came out they used to smoke in hospitals, it was bad bud science came thru. When bud science came through people started looking at life differently and think differently although they knew 1984 was a sad ending book Zeptar would have written much much different. Perhaps after I read 1984 again I shall think of an alt Epic Fan Version of how 1984 really ends for the Zeptar ZDONg, LLC. I would like to say it get’s inherited by a daughter or son, MISS MY CAT SHADOW MY DAUGHTER I KNOW WHAT KASI MEANT anyways meow meow meow they are not visiting as i click the keybard they get mad at me if im gone for the night and dont come see me when I’m madly at work pouring my fingers over the US-ASCII Keybard I mentioned was vintage. I just got it out of traction and it sealed nicely. The strings are starting to stay in tune and it jams. Electric hookups. Fuggin’ forget about it. This think tank sends impulses the speed of light to California and back. Gonna stop thanking you for reading because hats stoopid. I’m afraid to talk to moe again I lost her number and this friend didnt give it to me, she lost track of the conversation you Z? ya dig? is what I’m saying. God bless her, she did a class and got baptized and is starting to talk like someone from the other side now. Other side. how long will I slide? jukes are nice but damn if it aint meant to be. chant uber with me and listen to that show that has Lazerhawk on it track 2 and one of the later tracks shares the motif but more slow rhythm of chord changes on the voiced synth. Man Mr. Moog is freakin awasome. i had a ramoog.org domain name that you can get from https://sdf.lonestar.org just by becomming a validated user. $1 on paypal. How awesome is the S D F – 1? Idk but wait till the metaarray goes out of style and we have our own DWAVE cept named the ZWAVE in honor of it’s mascot the Zeptar. And I’m going back to throwback beard look to all you ladies who like my blogger gravatar artwork i got from this dude who drew my picture for me at work, some freak of talent he was, he could take anybody and turn them into a Really Big Face, LLC dont know where the dude’s at and sorry I’ve decided that I’m going to just drop links and let the script I wrote to HOTLINK the NETS together on this blog to lead you away if the case maybe. I know that’s marketing suicide by not always opening in a new tab. But I Remember When The Internet Only Had One Tab. Netscape Navigator was known very well in my PC Windows world before I saw any of this new old code that didnt the TWEENEX Run something similar? Plus all the hackers liked the TWEENEX SYSOPS BETTER. They were only better in the way that a really strict parent and a friend parent operate, it’s a team effort none the less but each has total control over the hardware. Coders and writers wrote on PAPER back then. HOLY SMOKES have you seen Alan Turing’s work on dairy cow patters. He wrote HEXADECIMAL Computer readouts of some kind of iteration of a formula or what you guys call algorithms wish I could explain better. maybe I should go back to school for some kind of validation in the Acedemic world with guys like who dont drop names about their personal icons and just tell you to go find god or do math or do Rocket Surgery “REAL TERM according to my sister who is in her next to last period of the first four years of college” only the divine knows what kind of spaced out lab rad coined Rocket Surgery to describe the types of effects done by these Rocket Surgeries that go into the brain. I mean they get into your brain with a damn lazer and the red inflamed parts are pulsing red because they are corrupt somehow we dont know how but smashing lazer beams into them makes them disappear so that is good. Man what concepts what Ideas are bursting as I write I dont know what direction to go. Im gonna end it here and you rock. Peace.

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PS. Images to come later with more vaguely detail object jumping ideas that lead you around to different topics in a way that you like by me… Zeptar of ZDONg, LLC (cc2.0) 2017 not for profit independent and aware human being that has value beyond price my head is priceless there is no price when people like Christ, whom many to this day will still argue the Only Tru Salvation, let’s stop fighting and solve the world’s problems like Americans. Face it. Americans have done terrible things I do not account for all those from my country who are not self-educated or are more susseciptle to brainwashing techniques than others. I do not assume to control for I let Cellular control. The chaos, harmony, discord, wraps itself up and createsthe Yen & Yang. Which dudes thanks I already got an old date from OK Cupid. WOW. That’s awesome well I want to tell you that I’m not fooling around and I’m interviewing a handful of applicants to join forces with me in life because the one I thought was the One who I knew I had doubts about the WHOLE TIME but rode it out like a fucking Hip Hop Cowboy until backed into a corener like those one Rodents shall I call them Marmots on the upper eastern region area of the USA call home, just a little bit inland from the Coast of Seatlle where the Mountains loom over the rainy city and give way to the rolling plains of Wyoming, talk about BIG SKY

I want to Go To Wyoming and See the Sky? Why? Because America is my tourist destination of my lifetime. I’ve seen El Salvador and I pray for them I have looked at Sattellite images of El Salvador and hey man, I ain’t tempting anything but shout out to the 503 area code which is what they claim on these music videos so I’m going for that. If you listen closely to things that I play I have let loose songs straight from the streets of El Salvador too so what’s poppin. May soccer be your ultimate score (FUTBOL I MEAN) and may it solve all of your differences because a wise man told me a prophecy that a sport should dominate a countries satiable needs for victory and loss not war. sports not wars. got it. you agreed on mutual destruction back with Raegan and Gorbechov so don’t forget. Every time you want to make a move and disagree with eachother look at the long bout copy that each in dual laungages codexed probably by the Cipher Ninjas of the world anyways those are rare Remember the Nmae type people who’s shoulds welcome a crazy bastard like me let loose on wordpress. give me more rope to hang myself with i cannot get enough rope. please if you want to show affection get me the number 5. later.

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