“The Computer Poem” Version 1.0 ZDONg, LLC Software Devop Guide To Creating 2X-3X More Smarter Devops!

so clean i got a mouse machine

now i wont say much for the mice i do have
cept no fur to comb and harvest just to beware
right over here with just a little click
comes tapping an execution so harmless and slick

its not that we are doing a harmless trick
but you left us here and we are trying to
tell you what’s really goin on and put your
antanae into a hyper reality with your body (whole body many parts one body some parts of body have their own memory)
let that banshee scream some music and get on with life

at least your are not watching tv
let’s not go blaming TV for everything now, okay? It didn’t do anything wrong.

You started the point of what you are saying right now anyways and that’s all. Let’s all be safe and friendly.

My intentions are pure with trying to find honest hard working people who are working and paying their bills okay? I understand know that you dont pick people up period.
Dont Pick People Up Period. Unless you are a trained safety guide on the journey of life. And I mean trained at the Purple Crown College where Zeptar, himself, is a professor of tenure after 10.5 years of study. He hath been bequethed.

You may too study at Purple Crown College like Zeptar. It’s a real college. Zeptar didn’t just make it up. Did I?
Confusion. Oh well. It all makes for interesting blog.

Words that just help me keep the fire warm is what I got. You Internet & Comupters and Technology and the ones that Live. (I will sleep because Im going to leave a Time Bomb (can you say bomb on the Interent) I always heard that you are not supposed to say bomb. No we(Zeptar & Zdong, ageless classic names including real that have been zepped names) ain’t blowing anything up but 10 second autosaves love this text editor.

Do bloggers get together. Like there are some highly successful ones I saw on the food network. At the end of this blog I will provide some extra resources like Wikipedia does about the knowledge so you can put the puzzle together for yourself) That’s the funnest.

So anyways we make a Zeptar Game based on ZDONg, LLC’s Coding Entertainment Deptartment’s thinktank that words would hold you captivated more than anything else. Words words words. God is here it has been recorded. Well I’m not saying anything but He ripped my brain in half in 2008 and let me talk to the devil through the most dearest relative that I ever had who spawned me. Anyways that was in 2008. Now it’s almost 10 years later. Time to start that 5 year plan and make America great by being industruious with what I have been given and smart by whatever type of mathematics you believe in. I saw you in the center of the beautiful flooring and thought, wow, if I’m lucky maybe that will be me someday. I’m going to go be couragous and conquer the world just like Gary the Conqueror who is happy as fuck being retarded, cept for him, I know I was born to meet nice women and woo them. I hear a voice in the crowd “I want to be the lucky girl on the radio next week!” Ahboy, Talk about TEXAS RADIO AND THE BIG BEAT. damn i dont even know whats up with that Jim Morrison. Right on dear readers. Write on. -Zeptar is the founder and sole proprietor of ZDONg, LLC Corporation and can stomp you fools on your own ground with a broken ass laptop. Damn people will ask like I know I the fuck do.. How the fuck he do that. What an ego-tistical and some wil say but he’s amazing and wonderful and comes thru 99.999 unless My Math is wrong? You have to leave room for the error because that’s how math just works. Most of the time. Time being the keyword there. Drop the knowledge don’t stop Zeptar I hear the autosave calling just keep plugging away says you’re on Ln 28 Col 1676 right back there on the six if you add it up. Well I’m driver 76 so be on the lookout for me. Not the phoney driver76 on IRC though, he might be cool shout out to him idk really know him that well and I think he/she might have heard me brag about that number. You want to get real. I need to call my old boss that I drove taxi for and get him on the horn to say I am sorry that my dear friend died and I just found out about it two weeks ago. Man I know you are with your buddy now, you know what I mean and it couldn’t be any more poetic or tragic. You left a mark on me with your personality and were a great honest kinda farm kid that siezed life when oppertunity was there and didn’t look back. Sucks that I drifted so far away at the end and I wanted to talk to you on the phone but your fucking mouth probably hurt so damn much from the cancer that you just became this Plainsian Indian Type Chief Of Your Own Tribe. hell heya buddy, you made it past the Bardo I hope and were not succomed to Earths desires anymore. I know you are at least with Jesus. Jesus is my co-pilot now. I have desires and needs those desires and needs can be fulfilled in taking part again in this system I was so lost in and confused by before. After you have to wade through so much lost paperwork you kinda just say fuck it, they got a copy of it if it’s critical so don’t worry about their massive heap of information that black hats try to get for corporations. Nothing bad to the ZDONg, LLC that’s the banner. 7 7 7 all day on ZDONg, LLC https://5th.live website right now so send that link to all your friends if you love me and make it multiply like motherfucking those bloggers from the cooking show those 3 chicks and then that dude from Epic Meal Time, oh fuck, who could forget the production cost of all that bacon and meat. And that dude in the Aviators sunglasses who became one of the kind of only one i seen, tasters who would like nom the food. Unless that was the guy I saw on this cooking game show. Anyways so they got like a billion views and what if I could get a motherfucking billion views. I surely am not that infectious of a personality. And like that neff dude says I am not gonna get rich from blogging and its really a catheritic process writing these things so I’m thankful for the AUTOSAVe bless AUTOSAVE alright Jah is happy we offered him up some thanks and praise if you believe in my kind of mumbo jumbo about the God, Trinity and perhaps what you call the song of life and the symphony of life and how time moves forward for matter but backward for anti-matter, which I just discovered on TV of all places, ha ha ha ha, laughing all the way to the funny farm. Well I hope I can be safe out there I’m going to go hit the road for awhile and get my American Dream. Come to America we are all people of different backgrounds who seem to get along most of the time and come together when there is need and stuff. What’s written on Lady Liberty is true, there’s just lot’s and lot’s of background checks now because of what we have been through with the attacks on our home soil due to anyone that is erratic about things to a point where they want to end shit. That’s not me, I’ve wresteled with leaving the earth a few times and it just wasnt there. I hope you take my uber in the northland I’m gonna send every customer to the holy trinity of my broadcasting centre and creation studio. https://sdf.lonestar.org , http://anonradio.net (if this was all a gag on me it’s so beautiful it rules I know I know thank iczer he rules and got it off the ground and we rescued it, No I didnt take tha ship down, did I,. IDK my head was spinning from all the damn medicine I take haha ZEPTAR go take your meds this is Lord ZDONg taking over I have to get in one final word regarding the point your attempting to make before you got sidetracked. Focus on me, https://5th.live , my name is 5th. I got some shirts with the number 5 on it, no big deal, this is my 5th (I thought website I was really serious about making into something cool.) and this is the 5th year of Zedong’s plan of prosperity of realizing that goal or actualizing it and going and rolling my sleeves up in the best way I know how and conquor a disability. Please keep 5th.live, or me known as FIFTH as in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, fifth. I’m developing some things that are interesting and you’ll be seing me live in Westport and the Northland. Westport has Jazz and Blues and stuff and it’s got this headshop that I went to onetime with one of my first friends from when I moved and it was a sturdy art piece, very fine, I said how much and they showed me basically why it cost that much and said it was a process that had been devoloped stronger than Gorilla Glass I miss that one. Phones have a special place in my heart. Especially when they go dead. I bet if you looked up the phone records of every address I lived at before cell phones you could detect my pattern of calling time and temp aand you know at the same time sometimes I would call up completely strange numbers and try to talk to the person on the other end about something. Call me a Young Phone Psychic at the time, but people were getting information about their refigerators and all kinds of stuff that I had been reading about. And delightful people on the phone. Most people have manners on the phone. Manners on the phone are important especially for customer service reps because they are the key in the chain for customer’s mind symbol about each entity that they deal with. They could deal with me, cause Im an Uber rep and be like, Uber means this to me or that to me and we are a team of top computer scientists and actualizers that work together to create a better America. Wake up, we are gonna revolutionize and make everything made by robots so nothing in Asia or Africa or North and South America to the secret poles that follow the lines that the Pyramids lie on that goes through Easter Island and the Mazatalan(??) Ruins. The Pyramids were build from the Top Down. That’s the secret. Go watch cellular fractals feedback and hear the computer feedback of Cellular its triangles upon triangles upon triangles of different patterns coming down. It’s not secret, My Cellular Sound File, is from the late 1980’s so anyone not down with Synthwave Can just tune out for that. It’s not like I’m asking you or encouraging watching Dance movies. Oh no! Not with the Dancing. That’s coming back in the 2020’s people and it started with a ripple with shows like America’s Got Talent. America, dude I ain’t joking. Align yourselves with US and we will (we the real people, not the polititians, the ones who will turn up one day to say all is not well in this house if it has to to come to that and be that angry dad scolding the kids, NO, we dont want to operate like that not me i dont know how you are but so far if you are following I am Zeptar, ZDONg of ZDONg, LLC, nd 5th. My buddy I found online is named Cellular. We’re changing the logo colors sooon. Just thought you should know that. Yeah that big Yellow Wave that looks like a 7 on my home banner on https://5th.live which you must send to a friend or two or three. Or 5. like those dumb facebook posts nobody ever thinks about again. Moments in time. False memories of something you might like. No, or vain attempts. Those who want to know what 5th looks like need look no further than Zedhead_ ‘s okcupid profile. That’s right, spring has sprung with the new time change and Zeptar is coming out of his cacoon with love and joy. Zeptar hears Dr. Lovejoy (his Counselor or Cognicari) Shit I broke some sound waves with that one. Hey man if you find good people that do good to you and don’t require an exhorbant amount of time for the reward you feel of being with them then just silently slip away like smj told me to do to these feelings of things that are happening.Bless you! My mom just sniezed upstairs. Yup thats right. Work full time and live at home just to give my parents money. Going to beat handi-capped in the face, You are showing me what it’s like to be infermed in a way that needs healed I see that. You are showing me the sick and I cannot heal. I have tried. I believed I healed Kitty La La’s soul for a short time. Please Kitty La La be safe. Don’t worry I got your message. Not saying Im keeping a lot of girls around me but lets face it, my fortune cookie was right. It said that I preferred the company of a woman but I was well liked by all the dudes instead. I think it comes out of being raised by a lot of women. Women have helped me so much in my life. I just want to be with a woman and be cool. That’s kinda what I had with Moe in a way more than a co-host just to drive to Front Street and pick up some folks who need to go home. Or to their bus stop that is 10 minutes away because the Bus System in Kansas City is kinda good in some aspects I don’t want to set it up to be bad but I mean, thank God for good bus drives. Those are the people that should get paid 100 grand a year. That would be so pimp. I mean you gave the railroader’s bookoo dolla why you no give ZDONg ppl bookoo dolla we reach 5 year goal of production as promiseed you see Corporation Rich!! Goal Achieved!! To put it in your language. And I guess that’s how I hope I want to feel as I pass away and I gotta go do some stuff but I hope I lured you in all the way to here my dear faithful readers and Cellular himself has gotten a mention. Dear Cellular you rule dude, go on with your Heiroglypic Bad Ass Self. (At least I see one of you now and not three, could it be?)

just wanted to say something ps. but it must not have been that important. why dont i write into the engine’s word processor and html editor. I just paste into the html editor you cant see all the work I’m doing behind the scenes to call all the paragraphs and formatting that makes wordpress blogs so sensible. I need to get down on customizing this site a little more. I liek the reader format which forces you to go linear backwards for some reason right now. I am toying with the idea of a topic article type page for display on people’s computer’s whic his the audience I really want. The PC and Apple users who go online on their leisure time is my favorite kind of hobby too and I hope to appeal to the little geek in all of us who wonder How Things Work. PEACE!