RainbowOps, Actualize!!! And my favorite… Pink Ops! Actualize!


WhiteOps BlackOps GrayOps RedOps BlueOps YellowOps PinkOps and RainbowOps! GreenOps is still on hold.cropped-201702172017021720170217turbulance.png One more Ops to go before we pretty much have the whole set collected! Nah me jest with ya! Me only playin’ Me make up icons on me desktop and say dey ppl like Sunman, Moonman, Starman, Unkonown, Ghostman! Ya Dig! Me have so much fun wwit da computer know. Me can make just about anything we want from da scratch! not to say im down in the sytem where yall are or nothin where my parents say i goto secret p;laces in da computer, nah nah mon, google msn fb stuff like dat my blog engine ya know!@ make order of da files, actualize artwork in da gimp, in da scribus, in da adobe and macromedia know me know aldus yah head son! alright! well nuff said, me want to learn programming. I heard C$ was the way to go in that department. So as soon as I get encough money saved up for a new computer this will probally be my last post from a PC. Dont worry I have mobile just cant make artwork on a phone that well. Need some kind of technology .. well that costs money. Wish me luck applying for work in the area.. I need the extra casth and feel like I am able to do something part time. Help me actualize it Kansas City, watch out! Im a positive encouraging force in the community and me wanna say da nice tings bout ya in me heart. Me know in me heart that I am a good man. But me feel in me heart so sorry and it was just the last sign I need to cut off all contact with her. Period. Thats it. No more calling on me to see how miserable I am and getting me money and herscribbin da floor. Talkin bout Clean the Clean Apartment all da time. Funny biddniss dese up to. Bablyon chant down ye witith da IRIE Meditiation now. Justice and gangsta reggae be puttin up 23s on dem rims taking off from da freethrow line. Saucin all over da place. Me da rap dub reggae bwoy. LOOKOUT! Im over on Zep Live! So check out the rap reggae dub me stumble on.

|~                                                           ~|
|                                                             |
| "Rent This Space, Only $5/week."                            |
| --------------------------------                            |
|               \     .    _  .                               |
|                \    |\_|/__/|                               |
|                 \   / / \/ \  \                             |
|                    /__|O||O|__ \                            |
|                   |/_ \_/\_/ _\ |                           |
|                   | | (____) | ||                           |
|                    \/\___/\__/ //                           |
|                    (_/         ||                           |
|                 \   |          ||                           |
|                     |         ||\                           |
|                      \       //_/                           |
|                       \______//                             |
|                    __ || __||                               |
|                   (____(____)                               |  
|                                                             |
|                                                             |
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