Summoning Shamanic Powers

You make it hard.


Remember what we thought and felt and said about each other? Don’t let the past remind us of what we are not now. I am not dreaming. I am mine you are yours we are what we are. Something inside says I got your secret. Are you still listening? Here is a key and its got the lock to your heart. You make it hard. Tearing yourself away from me now, You are free and I am crying. this dont mean I dont love you. Thats forever and for always. I am mine you are yours you are what you are. You make it haarrd

Friday Evening. Sunday in the afternoon. Whatve you got to lose? Tuesday morning please be gone Im tired of you what have you got to lose? Can I tell it like it is… listen to me baby, its my heart its sufferin’ its dyin its what I have to lose. Well Ive got an answer, Im gonna fly away. What have you got to lose? Will you come see me? Thursdays and Saturdays. What have you got to lose?

just went thru canary ruby throated sparrow dont be long thrill me to the marrow. $guitar solo.. . . . voices of the Angels ring around the moonlight asking me says she’s so free, how can you catch the sparrow? guitar bliss… Lacy lilting leery losing love lamenting change my life , make it right, be my lady!

All I know is what you tell me.. will it help me? late at night I’m in mourning in the morning at the lonely day in front of me. So worry me I ‘ll never say goodbye so if you never said goodbye that would help me. All day long my thougts are tumbling got me mumblin candle blows search for answers no one awesners cept the dancer and she’s lonely girl same as me.

i’ve got to run from keep on hiding. Ive vowed to keep on riding. I got one more Silver Dollar aint gonna let em catch the midnight rider. Ive got one more silver dollar. Not gonna let em catch the midnght rider!

im gonna die at the point of carrying. so all dead i’ll soon be sharing and I got One More Silver Dollar. Not gonna let em catch me, the Midnight Rider, nah! Not gonna let em catch the Midnight Rider, not letem catch midnightrider. No … no no…

well Im a KingBee, buzzin around your hive. Ya chil’ a King Bee buzzin round ya Hive. I can make good honey, let me come inside… Im young and able to buzz all night long. Ya know Im young and able to buzz all night long dats when da stingin goin on. well some fun… STING. guitar$olo … .

Well Im a King Bee who can buzz all night long. yes i am a King Bee can buzz all night long buzz better when ure man is gone. ya.

ive got a bike you can ride it if you like it its got a basket and some bells and it looks good. your the kind of gurl that fits into  my world ill give you everything if you want it crash .. if you think it should look goood it should. give u everything. ive got a mouse he aint got a house but hes a good mouse. u da kind of satalleitie fits in mah world. gingerbread men on da dish have one or two ya wish. give ya everything if you want it. a room with some musicial tune and clockwork lets go to the other room and make it work /mbbr/////.

clocks going insane


is everybody in? is every body in? YEAH! is everybody in? the ceremony is about to begin. WAKE UP! FLAMES !!! You weary wolves in this dream stock! NATIVE DRUMS. RATTLE SNAKE! SHIVA! Awake awake shake the dreams from your hair my pretty my child choose the day’s divinity. The first you see. what do you see. A vast jewel moon and snug in cotton brains of infancy with music and voices all arouond us

choose thine crew again beneath an ancient lake. a hot dream come with us. Every thing is broken up hot and dances.


Indians scattered on dawn’s highway bleeding. Ghosts scattered the young ones shattered minds. Me my gma gpa and mother and father were driving down the road and there were Indians scattered on the highway bleeding man. So the ambulance pulls up and stops. First time I tasted fear. I must have been four. Like a flower floating in the rain man. The ghost of those Indians wandering around just leaped into my soul

my Cock I seek to know you. how to aquire wealth in the evening show? slow death to my cock gives life. forgot the childs prayer and light in the night. guitar ancient wise satyr send your lament to my cock. the lost knowledge souls the cancers let them give us trance these colors of thier monster skin that rocks the race could any hell be more real than know? i pressed her thigh and death smiled. I can forgive my cock in the spirit of sense. wounds have got me well if you believe it all sing my cok for it the alter of silencee it rests

riders on the storm. riders on the storm. into this house we’re born. into this world we’re thrown. like a dog without a bone and hacker out alone. there is a killer on the road. his brain be squirmin like da toad. Take a long holiday and let da children play. If you take this man inside sweet family will die. Killer on the road. Yeaaaah!

girl you gotta love your man. girl you gotta love your man. take him by the hand. make him understand that the world on you depends how life will never end.. gotta love your man. Yeeeeahh!


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