hej dear readers, this be da rap rasta reggae bwoy DJZEP, here with ya. I havnt wrote anything lately so Heey Yaaa watitis? Trying to hpne in on some secret soundwaves for yall, got it sayin like “yea” and “hey” so far. I hope you guys like my mixes and the stuff I put on YouTube. I worked on my other website https://zeptar.live last week. Trying to think if I could do a unique album of space sounds every week. hahaha, lulz. nah hope u dig those too. so what we have just hearin wacky things in music and getting paranoid. my friend told me to do these worksheets for cognitave behavioral therapy and I can see how they help but I honestly dont want to remember all the incorrect thoughts I have concerning the architecture of my known universe. Therapy. I need therapy. Need to set up therapy. These are my Thera-beats for my therapy. Music is really the thing that gets me by day to day. There a Gets my brain thinking on the music and helps the overthinking take a backseat. My devices are full of music, mostly beats I have mixed with vocals or beats. So if u feel like donating a 32G card cool! im broke and learned a new system for money from “ethics of discipline” wat u want a bunch of crazy talk? ill see if anything sets my mind ablaze and work da mojo. rightnao all just calm and not wigging out. last night I was tripping about bein a Brahman and all kinds of stuff. but I woke up and was fine. if u dont count waking up and coughing up water. ew. it sucked. I hear da duck quacking on da track and wonder about aNONradio and wonder how they doin. honestly im wrapped up in my own projects so much I dont make time to listen to more than tob lately. idk it sounded like sys was having phun with Serato and it got me thinking I want my own setup more than I got niw anyways like a real controller and such so I could really mix some shit. my spell check wants me to add shit to the dictionary. anyways go check my space album at https://zeptar.live and I will make up a story tomirrow. I am tired from data wrangling. it is a work that is never finished. Thinkingbout.. U.. nah bout moving entirely to the cloud somehow. my laptop seems fine to do some crap but I have given up on trying to keep track of the computer anymore, complicating machine, but love using them to CREATE!!! bye.