Alien OG 33.333% thc, overall oudda dis world mon!


Yeah mon. When you visit out in Colorado, or wherever, pretty much you gotta try the Alien OG for divine encounter with another trip that will have you so high. So damn ripped you can feel it behind your eyes as you are locked into your chair. Feelings of being on a roller-coaster or rocket ship are swirling through your mind. All colors are brighter and more vivid. You see patterns of matter flowing through the air swirling all around and moving in and out and around the plane that you have actualized with your vision at this exact moment. Letting out another big puff of dat ganja smoke ya think, eh waddup with dat dab action? I was just getting started on the flower. Colorado be so scientific with da bud science. When me break me chains here me was thinking bout getting a job out there and trying to work some bud science computer angles. From Uber to McDonald’s is the way my carreer just went and doubled down on the Pysch-Therapy a couple times a week. Just a couple of things more and I’ll be where I need to be until it’s time to write down a few more thangs, nah mean? So start the trap mix and shut the front door, cause Alien OG. Listen longer on Zep Live! More, mMore, More!

|~                                                           ~|
|                                                             |
| "Rent This Space, Only $5/week."                            |
| --------------------------------                            |
|               \     .    _  .                               |
|                \    |\_|/__/|                               |
|                 \   / / \/ \  \                             |
|                    /__|O||O|__ \                            |
|                   |/_ \_/\_/ _\ |                           |
|                   | | (____) | ||                           |
|                    \/\___/\__/ //                           |
|                    (_/         ||                           |
|                 \   |          ||                           |
|                     |         ||\                           |
|                      \       //_/                           |
|                       \______//                             |
|                    __ || __||                               |
|                   (____(____)                               |  
|                                                             |
|                                                             |
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How does 420 spell P0T? Much in the same way that 187 spells ‘murder’ and 211 spells ‘robbery/car-jacking’ A loose association coming from California’s Police Radio codes. Out of the early 90’s revealed that slang, had grown out of the police codes used on the radio for reporting these incidents/crimes. Not to say that smoking reefer is a crime. No no no. Last weekend I ate a whole box of granola bars and I am shamed forever on yesterday’s show by one of my sisters. Super HYPE!

In California, Oregon, Washington, Washington, D.C., Colorado and one or two other states in USA are smoker-friendly states that have introduced a way to Track The Marijuana Plants from inception to SALE on the market where HUGE Taxes have been levied and people are paying the taxes. I for one would gladly pay a tax to get something that medically and spiritually enhances my life. I’m not a ZEDHEAD DEADHEAD so much anymore these days. Mostly I spend days not in the IRIE meditation and just Norml. Norml life. I’m working on being a better animal father-figure to my pets and saving money to move.

I am up early and trying to get motivated for the day, before my alarm. So yeah pretty much just wanna roll like the Aviators, we do. You know mon? Ah Bob Marley wanted to come out and play for 420. No stopping him. And Biggie and Tupac are hitting the same blunt today while they talk about whatever rappers talk about… The streets, the struggle, Robin Jeans and Ferrari’s. You know, a typical educated black man’s repitoire of magic word chimes flowing and ebbing, weedling in and out, trying to poke a hole in each other’s arguments for the sake of saying something ignorant.

I dont get the black/white thing anymore. Look at the facts and move on both sides. Save it! My genetics are Russian/Dutch Medicine/Farm/Industrious Mix brought up in the midwest. Am I that Russian Hacker?? Nope. Haven’t seen any Russian hackers so close as far as I’ve come is Belaursian, they side with Khazakstan anyways I thought only they were the ‘white’ people of the Russians? IDK I’m so confusd all I know is this one time a nice guy went to Russia to help his Brother-IN-LAW start a business in Russia, and he got taken out to the Styx by the police and beat up or some shit. But he had this facination for eggs. And so do I.

Eggy Weggies here I come! Happy 420 yall! If Sublime ever sued me that would be so cool when I point Sublime’s lawyers at Title 107 Section 17. Look forward to Zeptar Daily… a 30-45 minute daily show from Would you like an RSS Feed to subscribe to? I think this blog has that option. Follow me on flattr. Later.