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hey i can make bomb ass mixes with computers. also ksh shell scripting method right now it’s the most logical. duh, Einstein. So you are great for stopping by my blogsite. I try to keep it somewhat geometrically nice and I hope it’s meaning something. Hit me up for a Shout-Out on The Zeptar Show with me, DJ Zep, on and an Uber ride somewhere up north or Westport and Listening to 103.3 HOTJAMZ sometimes whut up DJS and also to 96.5 theBUZZ no shit. whats up with that morning gals voice I dont know that is a strange thing going on forever, hope she is okay.And I didn’t forget about you, it’s Uberwant. That’s right I need an Admin .BIZ Coordinator for my business all mobile work so thats legit revenue stream and working with the sysops right. All right. If you’re in America we got to get you covered unless they figure out a solution. IDK. whassup people now, smile at each other, try to get together, try to love one another right now. Let’s just pretend they don’t. You’re right they are strange creatures who would rather we not even touch the things according to Uncle Robert C. Martin (that is so great at ) anything i got a good thing going and Im positive  and usually willing to talk for free. Thats how free trade and commerce works. Communicating messages and being received kindly in a protected somewhat society and when that shit crumbled people freaked and took care of what they thought was going on and now we see the other stories but isnt that how a story goes especailly one of my own life and how it goes on a blog. well Cellular knows, ask he / she. and trading and leaving the situation in one piece. Bless Jesus Piece, the album by the Artist known as The Game. My homie in Spirit.