Quell da wrath against da math!


writers block. impression? not an issue to make a publication issue, ever.

juices always flowing from no High, nah mean? ya mon, take it Babylon, be ye chanted down! Last night, me made THE-HENDRIX-ASSAULT.mp3. Go to the DJ Zep Website wanna hear listen? (Headphones recommended to hear all the sonics)

So what is up? Not much here, just working on learning about self discipline. I got a book on it called Self-Discipline and its about Buddhism so I wonder how that is going to tie into itself. Oh, and I found a screen reader app. I dont have to buy moonreader+. The app I got is called @Voice. Simple and free with a little ad at the bottom. I guess that’s how I would do an app to make money. Put a little ad at the bottom of it. I almost put ads on my blog posts, but I dont know about it. I like the heady idea of it being an ad free website. Too often and too frequently are these ads disrupting our lives. Advertising would be a fun job to work in I think.

I know I want to be crazy and write some off the wall wacky zany script for yall but I am going to not do that this morning. I’m supposed to do a radio show today on aNONradio.net but I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it. I am scrambling to find a broadcast computer with the right software on it. I dont have the installer anymore for aNONradio.exe so I will have to see if there is a substitute or some shareware will work. I hope I can get some software installed because I don’t want to miss my show today or next week. I may be off air until June if what I got planned doesn’t work out. So big bummer that would be.

I got my Linux Laptop running again somehow. The one with the broken screen. Gah its so fun to use trying t o see the parts that you can see. Damn at least it runs and I can make stuff on it. For that I’m thankful. Really you got to check out the Jimi Hendrix piece I did. I’m grooving to it, why not you and me groove together over on my other website. Plus there’s all my old shows linked from anonradio.net and NEW ORIGINAL MIXES all on the DJ Zep Website.

Tryin to actualize the thought that I can get out of this depression I’m in and git energy and find that motivation I had on Sunday to accomplish important life stuff and important household chores. Ladies and gentlemen I’m in a funk. I don’t feel like anything. I feel like I’m upset and mad and an un-enjoyable person right now. I feel so pessimistic and down trodden. I got a cup O’ coffee right here and I know that will make me feel a little happier once I drink it.

Just bad personal life crap. My failed relationship hangs over me. Something tells me though, that I most likely lost something that wasn’t worth having in the beginning. Me nah know. Me only know that me want to be with someone who I find beautiful in every way and that is in tune with me. That’s all. Oh I also want a job in the WebDev community. I’m teaching myself Web 2.0 during my free time, amongst other things. But in all honesty I just need to make my life about Web 2.0, including Java, and Geometry.

Oh mon! Me love da Geometry! Me only know a BASIC form of Geometry, but its enough to go deeper into the subject. If you hate math, you got to try Geometry to quell the wrath against math.

Quell the wrath against math!

What I like about Geometry is just I find the math straight forward. For example a line only has 180 degrees. A circle 360 degrees. Plus there’s all kinds of “laws” that are proven to help you find missing angles. To be honest I’ve just dusted off my Geometry book from High School and I can’t remember the names of even one of the laws! I cannot wait to rediscover the math and the rules. It’s divine.

Sunshine today, me hope. Me need to find that good pure motivation to get outside in the Sun and breathe and move and live and have my being. Ya know, Ah sorry me hear da voices say. Dey growling now… Not my tummy, me no hungry yet. Me got Java. The snare drum laughs at me too. Says nothing, literal word “NOTHING”. Tryin to figure out da sounds. Thats where I hear the messages in the sound.

No matter what they say, they can never take away, see da Jah Jah ridin’ tru and He keeps on coming thru. Natty Dread ride again. Go dere Jah Jah go dere. From the root of all Creation, down thru the line of King Solomon. Ya so me found out that Buddhism is the worlds oldest religion. And me believe in me heart that all religions that are the major ones or whatever cult you’re in all share the same roots.

What I mean? Me nah know. But check it.. its like time moves clockwise, but anti-matter moves counter-clockwise. What dat mean? Something about gotta make the time clock match up with the reverse clocks in our bodies, lives, minds, communities. I was gonna elaborate on my perception of the Special Relativity theory and what vision and actualized geometric planes on both sides of the mirror represent. However I’m just thinking self defeating thoughts and a woe is me attitude.

I probably wont be on the radio today. But I’ll try. If this shareware dont work then I have to wait for the mail drop in June to get another copy of aNONradio.exe for my Amiga Be/OS. The news is I’m bummed out and all I want to do is sit on this beach and drink a 22oz Corona. Fuck the lime. Oh and if you want to talk to me, send me a text or a note on GNU SOCIAL. i think I am going to hang out on shitposter.club all day long. I really dont know. I am not in a good place in my mind but its just that dark place that is full of self condemnation and self bashing thoughts coupled with the attitude that if this is what my life is than I’m gonna let it all go to H E double hockey sticks. Why do I have to be doing anything? Today, if your prayers for me go unheeded then I will have actualized not a damn thang. And if you think I’m smokin’ weed all day? Then I probably am. But if not, I ain’t got money for ciggs so I guess I’ll try and find what I did with those nicotine patches. Blaze one for ya homie, a blunt, bowl or bong; (Ganja Gun if you got one) Big ups to Damien Marley, Bob Marley, Nas, Unknown Wave Producers, and imi Hendrix, oh and the Chakra tone Develoer Nation, dem too. Me go to the river to was me dreads now. Peace!

“Measure da waves as they come in to scientifically calculate the facts of life,” say rap rasta rudebwoy Zep!

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